Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Review

The Harry Potter series means so much to me as it was really the first series I was truly obsessed with. I used to read the entire series continuously when I was younger, I would finish Deathly Hallows and then start right back at Philosophers Stone. I collected merchandise, for Christmases and birthdays my family would buy me figurines and memorabilia. Even now I still love rereading the books, and truly believe it’s one of the greatest series ever written. So when I heard about Cursed Child I was apprehensive. I was worried I wouldn’t like how characters had turned out and that focusing on the children would be boring, basically I was worried the magic would be lost.

I’m so happy to say I was wrong. I loved, loved, loved this. It was exciting, funny and emotional. I loved reuniting with my favourite characters (Hermione as Minister of Magic is perfect and Draco as a worried dad is the best)  and getting to know new favourites (Scorpius was adorable and hilarious). I had also worried about reading the story as a script, but I got used to the format within a couple of chapters. I am now desperate to go to London to see the stage production to see how it comes to life.

I finished this in just over an hour and am now having serious Harry Potter withdrawals. I think it’s time to revisit the original series…(for the millionth time)

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