My Favourite Young Adult Series

It can be difficult being a fan of the YA genre at times. So often when it’s mentioned people automatically think of cheesy love triangles, identical plots and unlikable characters. Although this often is the case (no judgement, who doesn’t love the odd triangle?), the majority of my favourite books and series are from this genre. Since this is one of my first ever posts I thought I’d let you know some of my favourites;

  1. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

If you don’t love The Hunger Games then we can’t be friends. Okay not really, but I will seriously question your judgement. THG is one of the rare YA series that every age group will enjoy. Yes, it centres around teenage characters, but they all have such depth that everyone has a character they can relate to. You can relate to Katniss, your sweet boyfriend can relate to Peeta and your drunk uncle can relate to Haymitch. Obviously we can all relate to President Snow…or is that just me?

       2. Harry Potter – JK Rowling

Are the Harry Potter books actually classed as YA? Again, I feel like readers of all ages love Harry Potter. When I was younger I used to read the Harry Potter books on repeat, collect merch and wait for my Hogwarts letter. Although it never actually arrived (my postman must have pulled an Uncle Vernon and hidden my letter…it’s the only possible explanation), the series remains one of my all time favourites. No matter how many times you reread the series, the books never get boring. My favourite in the series switches constantly between Goblet of Fire and The Deathly Hallows. What’s yours?

 3. Shatter Me – Tahereh Mafi

If I asked any of my book loving friends about the Shatter Me series they’d probably roll their eyes and tell me to shut up. I’m not exaggerating when I say I talk about it whenever we’re discussing books. Honestly, a friend could be talking about a maths textbook and I’d manage to bring the conversation back to the Shatter Me books. They’re just so good! I first heard about the series on Tumblr, downloaded the first book and got hooked immediately. The character development throughout the series is honestly some of the best I’ve ever read, by the end of Ignite Me you’ll be completely in love with everyone. Superheroes, a badass heroine and a bad boy love interest, what more could you want from a YA series?

4. Throne of Glass – Sarah J Maas

If you use Goodreads there’s no way you haven’t heard of Sarah J Maas’ books. Most of the time reading a massively hyped up book results in disappointment, but that’s definitely not the case here. It follows Celeana, a deadly female assassin who’s held in a slave camp until she is entered into a competition to become the King’s Assassin. She’s so badass, I want to be her when I grow up. These books are seriously addictive, you’ll be hooked from the beginning of Throne of Glass until the end of Queen of Shadows. Just don’t be like me and read the last book in one day as it results in serious withdrawals. Thankfully the fifth book is released next month, because I’m seriously desperate to know what happens next. I’m literally counting down the days.

5. A Court of Thorns and Roses – Sarah J Maas

Choosing what order to place Maas’ two series in this list honestly stressed me out. I love them both! I have such writer envy of Maas, the fact that she’s created two completely different, vast worlds is incredible. When you read her books you feel totally immersed and invested in the world. The second and latest book in this series, A Court of Mist and Fury, was AMAZING and had an amazing balance of romance and action. Again, I made the mistake of reading this in a day and the third book is apparently not available until May next year. Help!

  6. The Infernal Devices –  Cassandra Clare

Is there anything more annoying than when a spin off series is better than the original books, but gets no where near the credit?! After hearing all the hype I was so excited to read The Mortal Instruments books and basically ordered Cassandra Clare’s entire catalogue from my local library. Unfortunately I had to give up on TMI after the third book. I can barely remember what happens in the series, just that it was filled with unlikable characters and was a bit too similar to my beloved Harry Potter. After being so let down by the TMI books I wasn’t going to bother with The Infernal Devices, but I’m so nosey I couldn’t help myself. Thank god I did. I was hooked from the first couple of chapters, and instantly fell in love with the characters and the shadowhunter world. In my opinion the characters are far stronger and more likeable in TID, and make no where near as many stupid decisions. The plot is exciting, the romance is so so good and the dialogue is really funny. Who needs Jace when you can have Jem?

7. Bloodlines – Richelle Mead

Untitled design.jpg

What I said above about spin off series is relevant here too. Although I did really enjoy the Vampire Academy books, there was a lot about the series that frustrated me. My biggest frustration was the treatment of poor Adrian, so imagine how happy I was to hear that he was going to be getting his own spin off! Bloodlines follows Sydney Sage, the alchemist from the Vampire Academy books, as she is tasked with protecting a group of our favourite characters from the original series, including Adrian. There’s a massive improvement from the Vampire Academy books in every area. Sydney is a much more likeable heroine than Rose, and Adrian is just as hilarious. Can’t we pretend the Vampire Academy movie never happened and make a Bloodlines one instead?

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of my favourite young adult series. I’m sure I’ll post this and suddenly remember tons of series that I’ve missed out. What are your favourite series?


6 thoughts on “My Favourite Young Adult Series

  1. Kayleigh says:

    I’m just going to go out and get all these books that I don’t have yet. I know you’ve been at me to read A LOT of these for months now but I swear this post had made me want to read them all in like a day. I promise I’ll get around to getting as hyped as you about Shatter Me. In the meantime, you’ll just have to deal with me constantly updating you on my progress with all Sarah J. Maas’ books!

    Liked by 1 person

    • emmapeters97 says:

      Put me out of my misery and read Shatter Me please, it’ll mean you don’t have to hear me whinge any more! I cannot wait for these updates!


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