Stop Everything, There’s an Outlander Clothing Line (And it’s on Sale!) | Review

If you didn’t know by now, I’m totally obsessed with Outlander. I love everything about it; the characters, the romance, the action and the costumes. Seriously, the costumes are all so beautiful. Watch one episode and you’ll want to go out and buy a corset and ball gown. Obviously, that isn’t very practical nowadays, so imagine my excitement when I saw that Hot Topic have launched a modern Outlander inspired collection!  Annoyingly, the prices are all in dollars and shipping to the UK will probably cost more than the actual products.  I love most of the pieces and they also offer plus size options which is great. I was so excited I decided to do a review for you:

Outlander Claire Riding Coat – was $108.90, now $81.67

Image result for claire outlander costume

Starting with my favourite, this is inspired by a coat Claire wore on the show and is actually a really great imitation.  Of course because it’s my favourite, it’s also the most expensive item. I’m obsessed with the fur hood and cuffs, and the unusual cut. If any of my American followers want to get me an early Christmas present, this would be great.

Outlander Fraser Tartan Reversible Cape – was $74.90, now $56.17

I have a serious cape obsession and finally got one last winter after obsessing over it for ages, but I felt like it made me look like I belonged in the Night’s Watch with Jon Snow so I only wore it a couple of times 😦 Regardless, when you combine a cape with an Outlander pattern, you know I’ll love it. I do think the prices are expensive, but with this you’d be basically paying for two coats so you can’t complain with that.

Outlander Ruffled Peplum Jacket – Was $78.90, now $59.17

Image result for claire outlander green dress


I’m not as sure about this dress. I love the top half but i don’t know about the short skirt. I’m not sure what I’d wear underneath it as I don’t think the shorts the model is wearning goes, but it’s too short for just tights. Leather leggings might be nice with it. What do you think?

Outlander Tartan 40s Dress- Was $58.90, now $44.17

Image result for claire outlander green dress

How cute it this? I love this style of dress and I’m Scottish so tartan is always good. I don’t like how the website have accessorised the dress though, I wouldn’t walk around in knee high socks (unless Claire starts doing it, then I’ll absolutely copy her). Instead I’d probably wear this with bare legs and ballet flats or sandals.



Outlander The Wedding Girls Muscle Top – Was $24.90 – $28.90, now $18.67 – $21.67

Image result for outlander my name my clan

This is obviously one of the more casual pieces in the collection, and it’s actually a pretty good price. The quote on it is one of my favourite of the series. I included the picture of Jamie and Claire as well so you can properly read it, since you really have to zoom in to read it on the top.



Outlander You Are My Home Sassenach Girls T-Shirt – Was $22.90 – $24.90, now $17.17 – $18.67

Why does this model look so angry? I would be the happiest person ever if I was paid to model Outlander merch. I have to admit that I’m not too keen on the design on this shirt, but I would still buy it because I would pretty much buy anything with Jamie Fraser’s face on it.

So that’s all of the items in the collection, it is limited edition so if you’re interested you better hurry because it’s selling out fast. I hope that the success of this line will make them expand the collection and introduce more designs. I’d like to recommend a version of this dress please:

Image result for outlander red dress

What did you think of the collection as a whole and what was your favourite piece? Let me know!

6 thoughts on “Stop Everything, There’s an Outlander Clothing Line (And it’s on Sale!) | Review

    • Emma says:

      The cape is amazing, isn’t it?! Yeah I think it’d look good with dark jeans. It’s so pretty, I just wish they’d made it longer and all one length so you could wear it on its own.


      • Birdie says:

        Even if it was just a little longer, like knee length in the front, and then the back a little longer. I liked the tail in the back, it’s just too short in the front to be worn legless. (You could get away with leggings too… maybe)

        I just love it though.


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