Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica | Review

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If you’re wanting to get into the Halloween spirit with a creepy book, then Don’t You Cry is a great choice. I love a good thriller book, but half the time I can guess the ending easily. I thought that was the case with Don’t You Cry, but for once I was actually surprised. It’s one of those books that makes you think you know everything, then keeps adding twist after twist and makes you question everything.

Don’t You Cry is told from the alternating perspectives of Quinn and Alex. When her perfect roommate Esther suddenly disappears, Quinn doesn’t know what to think. When she begins investigating her disappearance she finds suspicious clues that hint that she never really knew Esther at all and that she isn’t so perfect after all. Meanwhile, Alex is stuck living in his small hometown, working at his boring job and looking after his alcoholic father. Everyday of his life is the exact same, until a mysterious girl shows up. Alex quickly becomes obsessed with her, even though she barely tells him anything about her life.

Personally, I thought Quinn’s chapters were the most exciting. When I was reading the book I was desperate for another chapter from her POV to gather more clues. I liked that she wasn’t a genius who was able to solve the mystery immediately, she really seemed like a normal person with normal reactions to everything. I did enjoy Alex’s chapters too, they just weren’t as action filled as Quinn’s. Alex was a really sympathetic character, and whilst his insta-love could have been annoying, it was understandable considering his past.

It’s always difficult writing a review for a mystery without giving away any spoilers, so all I can say is Don’t You Cry was a fast paced, exciting thriller with sympathetic characters and a good twist. Let me know if you read it so we can actually discuss it properly!



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