Is It Worth It? | Challenge

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve done a fun challenge post, so thank you to my bestie Kayleigh for tagging me!  The rules are simple, you’re given a book related scenario and have to say if it’s worth it or not. Easy! Or at least I thought it would be…

1. You get an advance copy of that book you’ve been wanting forever BUT an entire chapter is missing?

It’s not really worth it if the chapter that’s missing is the main one! Imagine getting an ARC of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows with the Battle of Hogwarts chapter missing! Not worth it.

2. John Green writes another book BUT it is not written in any language you know.

I’m not a fan of John Green books at all (unpopular opinion – they’re overrated), so I feel like I can’t really answer this one.

3. You get to go to Hogwarts BUT you can never use any magic.

Aghhhhhh how awful would that be?! Even though I would spend the entire time miserable that I couldn’t use magic myself, surely it’s better to still be surrounded by magic than to be a boring muggle? Worth it. (Plus being around Draco Malfoy – worth it.)

4. You get to have lunch with your favourite author BUT they slap you every time you ask them a question.

How great a blog post would that make?! Worth it.

5. George R. R. Martin tells you who ends up on the Iron Throne BUT if you ever tell a living soul you’ll die.

I would love smugly telling people that I know the spoiler. Also, would I be allowed to put a bet on it? Technically that doesn’t count as telling anyone…worth it.

6. You write a book and it gets published BUT no one will ever read it.

I’d be gutted that no one would read it, but surely it’s better to have something published than not? Worth it.

7. You get to live in the fictional world of your choice BUT you’re the villain.

It depends, am I an Angelina Jolie as Maleficent, everyone actually loves me villain, or a Lord Voldemort villain? The villains are always more interesting, so worth it.

8. You can read a book written in any language and understand it BUT you can only read one sentence per day.

I am such a fast reader so this would be awful for me. I used to hate when we would do group reading in English class because I’d always be at the bottom of the page desperate to turn it whilst everyone else was taking ten minutes to read the first sentence. Not worth it.

9. Shadowhunters invite you to go demon hunting BUT you have to be the human bait.

When we say Shadowhunters, do we mean book Shadowhunters or TV Shadowhunters? If it’s TV Shadowhunters and Alec is involved, then worth it.

10. Your favourite character comes to life for a day BUT then you’re framed for their murder.

There’s no way I’m being framed for the murder of Peeta. Not worth it.

11. You can read any book you want for free but you are only allowed to read when you are pooing.

Who writes these questions?! Still, worth it.

12. You can time travel by reading any historical novel BUT you can never travel back.

Someone pass me Outlander, ASAP. Being stuck with Jamie Fraser? WorthItWorthItWorthItWorthItWorthIt

13. You inherit a library BUT every book you pick up gives you a paper cut.

Totally worth it.

14. You can own all The Selection series dresses BUT they will never fit you.

I LIVE for ball gowns, and it upsets me so much that it’s not considered acceptable for me to wander down to the supermarket looking like a Disney princess. Worth it.

15. You can experience reading your favourite book again as if you’ve never read it before BUT you have to read the entire book under water.

I can’t swim so I would drown. Not worth it.

16. You get to read any book you want before it publishes BUT you have to read it out loud to your nemesis.

Ugh I hate reading out loud so I would spend the whole experience anxious and embarrassed, and wouldn’t be able to properly enjoy the story. Also I don’t really get the obsession with ARC’s, what’s the fun in reading a book if you can’t talk about it to anyone? Not worth it.

17. You land your dream job in publishing BUT you don’t get paid.

Do I have a second job that actually pays? In that case, worth it.

18. You get to go on a date with your literary crush BUT they end up falling in love with your best friend.

Absolutely not. Imagine third wheeling Peeta and my best friend for the rest of my life? Hard pass, not worth it.

19. You get a role in a movie adaptation of your favourite book BUT the movie is a hot mess.

I’ve seen so many movie adaptions that have just been complete embarrassments to the book (*cough* Vampire Academy *cough*), and it’s so disappointing. Not worth it.

20. Your favourite author dedicates their next book to you BUT you will never get to read it.

What if the dedication was “I dedicate this to Emma, whom I modelled the main character after” then the main character is actually a psycho?! You would have no clue! Not worth it.

Thank you again for tagging me Kayleigh, this was fun! I tag Teacher of YA, Jazz and Susan Loves Books.


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