You Should Be Watching…Good Girls Revolt

Image result for good girls revoltWhy did I not start watching this show earlier? A feminist period drama, it’s like it was written just for me! Good Girls Revolt is an Amazon original series based on the true story of the female researchers who filed a complaint against a news magazine in the 70s for not giving them the same equal pay and opportunities as male employees. Whilst that is obviously serious stuff, Good Girls Revolt still manages to be fun and lighthearted, and is my new obsession.

The main three characters are: Patti, a cool hippy (I want to be her), Jane, a rich good girl who’s family are only interested in who she marries and what she weighs, and Cindy, an unhappy housewife who uses the office as a chance to get away from her unbearable husband. I love them all. I haven’t seen the actresses who play Patti and Cindy before, but Jane is played by the always wonderful Anna Camp (True Blood, Pitch Perfect). They’re each so different, it’s so refreshing to have three well-written female leads. I love them all and can’t pick a favourite.

The supporting cast are great too. Again, all the characters are so well written. The male editor and reporters of the magazine are complex as they’re likeable people, even though they either aren’t bothered by or don’t recognise the injustice facing their female employees. There’s Finn, the magazine editor who’s charming, funny and smart, but doesn’t hire female reporters. Then there’s Doug (played by Hunter Parrish, my dream fan cast for Warner from the Shatter Me series), Patti’s boyfriend, who is also charming, funny and smart, but is happy to take the credit for work done by his female researcher. I think the writers have done such a good job making the characters conflicting because that’s exactly what happens in real life. How many times have you talked with a friend or loved one who you know is a good person, who then says something ignorant or stupid? That’s what it’s like watching the male characters on the show, and what makes it so realistic. The writers could have easily made all the male characters Mad Men stereotypes, but instead, they’ve made them real people.

Watching the women struggle is inspiring, but depressing too. It’s inspiring seeing women who are great at their jobs fight for their rights and knowing that it really happened. As someone who’s very interested in feminism I loved seeing these strong women take a stand against unfair treatment. However, it’s also disappointing when you realise that we’re still having to fight for those rights.

Unfortunately, Good Girls Revolt was cancelled after the release of series one, even though it received rave reviews and strong ratings (isn’t it ironic that a female-led show about feminism and women being treated unfairly was cancelled even though it was a success?). I’m so annoyed about the unfair cancellation as even though season one ended well and rounded up a lot of the storylines, the show still had so much to give. I know there was a lot of backlash when the cancellation was announced, so hopefully Amazon will realise the potential the show has and will reconsider.

Have any of you watched Good Girls Revolt? What other shows are you loving right now? Let me know!

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