Public Service Announcement: Free Books!

Guys, I was just on Amazon and spotted a ‘prime members read for free’ banner which I obviously clicked on immediately. If you have an amazon prime membership you can download selected books and magazines to your kindle or tablet for free! How have I only just found out about this?! There’s a great selection of books to choose from, from all different genres. I’ve immediately started downloading books – and am perhaps getting a little carried away…

Happy Friday and happy reading!


6 thoughts on “Public Service Announcement: Free Books!

  1. TeacherofYA says:

    I used to have Prime. It was AWESOME! I had a free trial of Student membership and it was great. I think it was only $59 compared to $99 a year. But I couldn’t afford to renew. If you use it all the time, it’s really worth it. So is Kindle Unlimited. Now I mainly have to use the library or my gift card and wait for the sales that I get in my email. But I’m glad you found out about the free books! I think you get so many a month?

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    • Emma says:

      I have a student membership, here in the UK I think it was around £39? Well I’ve been having problems with my library account so this has come at a perfect time for me! I think the amount of books is unlimited but the offers are only for a limited amount of time?

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      • TeacherofYA says:

        Yes…out here it was a book/month, but that could have changed. The free two day shipping was def a plus. I think £39 is the same as $55 at this point: our dollar is pretty worthless right now.

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