Owned (Billionaire Banker #1) by Georgia Le Carre | Review

Image result for owned billionaire bankerOwned is the first book in the Billionaire Banker series and was a bit of a random read for me this morning when I couldn’t sleep. It has a bit of an unusual premise: 19-year-old Lana Bloom’s mother is dying of cancer and with no money to pay for further treatment for her, she decides to offer her virginity to her creepy boss for £50,000. However, she has a chance encounter with Blake Barrington, a (you guessed it) billionaire banker who offers to pay Lana £100,000 to basically be his personal escort for three months. Like I said, the premise is a bit unusual haha!

This wasn’t a typical read for me. Although I love romance, it’s normally historical romance that I stick to as I find a lot of contemporary romances have unlikeable characters, unhealthy relationships and no actual romance. When I started Owned I thought I was actually going to really like it. I liked that it was openly discussed that Lana was doing what she was doing to raise money for her mother, there was minimum slut shaming and judgement. There were lots of nice moments between Lana and her best friend Billie, who was totally supportive of her.

However, after a while, I realised that the book wasn’t for me. There was some decent chemistry between Lana and Blake when they first met, but after a few chapters, they both annoyed me. Lana is poor and lives on a council estate, so one of the main plot points was the class difference between the two leads. There are a lot of chapters in the book where they argue about working class people, which really made me go off Blake’s character. I understand that the author is trying to highlight the difference between their worlds, and I’m sure in a future book Blake will eventually realise that money isn’t everything and will have a change of heart, but his attitude throughout most of this book was disgusting. There’s an entire chapter where he argues that people living in council estates are lazy parasites. Really? How can I root for a romantic hero who would say something like that?! Another thing that creeped me out was the age difference between Lana (19) and Blake (30), and the fact that no one acknowledges how weird that is. If I told my mum that a 30-year-old billionaire was giving me £100,000 she’d call the police, never mind invite the man over for dinner!

Although Owned was a quick read for me, I think in the future I’ll stick to my historical romance books.

PS: GUYS! I got my university results this morning, and guess what? I got straight A’s! I officially have an Honours Degree!

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