What I Want From the Final Episode of Reign | Favourites

Related imageTonight the final ever episode of Reign will air in America (as I live in Scotland I won’t see it until Saturday), which I’m very upset about. Although this final season hasn’t been the best, Reign is still one of my all time favourite TV shows. I’ve spoken before about my love for it, and I still believe that it’s such an underrated show that deserved way more attention. There’s a lot still to be wrapped up before tonight’s finale, so I thought I’d do a post about some of the things I hope are included:


As anyone with sense knows, the best couple on the show was clearly Mary and Conde. Although I loved Mary/Francis and Mary/Bash, I instantly became obsessed with Mary and Conde as soon as the first hint of a potential relationship appeared. I’m still annoyed with how their storyline ended, and bitter that Conde never got the love from the fan base that he deserved. The last we time we heard about him, he was on the run somewhere (I think – it’s been a long time since he was mentioned on the show, I think I’m the only one who remembers him). As he’s still alive, I fully expect a Conde cameo. I won’t be happy until I get a final Mary/Conde scene.

2) Focus on the original characters 

One of the main reasons I haven’t enjoyed this series as much is because of the hasty replacement of old favourites with new characters. I appreciate that a lot of the actors left because of other job opportunities, but I would have preferred we spent a bit of time getting over them, rather than immediately being expected to care about the newcomers. I’m hoping tonight’s episode will focus on the original characters – Mary, Catherine, Claude, Narcisse and Greer. I’m just not that interested in Darnley, Bothwell or Catherine’s annoying sons. I know the major plot line will be about the new characters to stay historically accurate, but I hope we still spend plenty of time with the characters we’ve watched for years.

3) Cameos

As I said, we lost a lot of the original cast by the end of season 3. I really, really hope that there are plenty of cameos. I’d love to see Bash and Kenna again, and of course, my beloved Conde. Even if it’s just a tiny surprise appearance from an old cast member, I’d love it.

4) Catherine needs a happy ending

I’m going to need Catherine to become Queen of France, with Narcisse serving as her royal mistress. Has anyone deserved a job more than Catherine de Medici deserves to be Queen?!

5) Flashbacks

If a series finale includes any flashback montages, it’s guaranteed that I’ll be a crying mess. I’m going to need flashbacks to the first ballroom scene when Mary is dancing with her friends, her wedding with Francis (that dress!!), the Stay With Me dance scene (makes me cry everytime), and at least 10 flashbacks including Conde pls.

5) Can we change history?

I know the show has to stay (at least a little) historically accurate, but I’m not emotionally ready to see Mary lose her head. Mary is one of my all time favourite characters that I’ve loved for 4 seasons, so her getting an unhappy ending would be totally gutting.

Basically, my dream ending is that Mary is reunited with Conde, she becomes Queen of Scotland and England, and spends the rest of her life drinking wine and plotting with Catherine (the new Queen of France). That’s not asking for too much, is it?

Will you be watching Reign tonight? It airs on the CW in America, and on Netflix here in Scotland on Saturday. If you haven’t watched it before, all 4 seasons are available on Netflix! 

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