The Rose Society by Marie Lu | Review

Image result for the rose societySequels are always risky, but especially in YA. There have been so many promising starts to series that just completely fizzle out after a disappointing follow-up book. I’m happy to report that The Rose Society exceeded my expectations, and I actually enjoyed it more than The Young Elites. The plot was more exciting, the world building more impressive, and the characters somehow managed to get even more complex!

The Young Elites ended with Adelina vowing to get revenge on everyone who underestimated or betrayed her, including The Dagger Society. The Rose Society picks up pretty soon after (which I loved, I hate when I start a new book and months have passed and loads of things have changed), whilst Adelina is attempting to recruit other young elites to fight with her. She’s accompanied by her sister Violetta, who she still has a very love/hate relationship with. The complex relationship between the sisters is one of the reasons I loved the book so much. Although Adelina loves Violetta and would do anything to protect her, she just can’t get over the bitterness she feels towards her. I also really liked the new characters introduced (I won’t name anyone and spoil anything), and actually preferred them to some of the characters from the first book.

My favourite character is still Adelina. I love how her lack of control over her powers is explored, and can’t wait to see what happens with her next. I know she is meant to be a villain, but I view her more as an anti-hero. I really sympathised with her and understood the decisions she makes. Even though she goes about everything in pretty much the wrong way, her heart is in the right place and she believes she’s doing the right thing. Although, I also still love Teren, so I may just be a weirdo who loves evil characters? Teren is such a great villain, who again, truly believes he’s doing the right thing. I much prefer reading about complicated characters who make mistakes than perfect Mary-Stu characters who always do the right thing and are never in bad situations.

Just like The Young Elites, The Rose Society had an amazing ending that left me desperate to read the next one. I am SO excited to see how this series ends (I’m rooting for Adelina and Teren to couple up and be evil rulers together – just me?).

Have you read The Rose Society, and did you enjoy it? Let me know!

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