I’m Back!

Hi everyone! Long time, no speak.

I’m sorry for the complete silence for the past … agh 2 years! How has it been that long?! I’m honestly annoyed at myself for being such a terrible blogger. There have been so many times where I have wanted to get back into reviewing and posting regularly, but for some reason or another I’ve always stopped myself. I decided that today would be the day that I finally bit the bullet and started again.

My reading tastes have changed in the last few years, so the books I will be posting about will differ from before. Whilst I used to be primarily a YA reader, unfortunately I don’t read as much of it anymore. I started to find the YA books I was reading to be too similar and grew tired of the familiar story lines. Don’t get me wrong, I do still love a good YA read, but it just isn’t my favourite genre anymore.

The honour of my being my favourite genre goes to historical romance. It’s funny, I remember I had just started reading historical romance the last time I was blogging, and I always acted like it was a guilty pleasure for me. There is no guilt what so ever anymore – so be prepared for lots of historical romance posts!

I have noticed since logging on again that a lot of the bloggers I used to read have also stopped posting, which is a shame, but I am excited to discover new blogs! If you have any suggestions for good blogs to follow, please let me know!

Although this has just been a quick update post/ramble, I do feel very excited and motivated to properly get started.

Speak soon!


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