Chasing Cassandra by Lisa Kleypas | Review

44285731Lisa Kleypas has done it again. I had really high hopes for Chasing Cassandra, and she managed to completely smash my ridiculously high expectations. This is the final book in the Ravenels series, and my favourite of the six.

This is Cassandra Ravenel and Tom Severin’s story, which begins just after Cassandra’s twin sisters wedding. The first time they meet Tom overhears Cassandra crying that no one will marry her. He takes one look at her and immediately proposes. Now normally this would be creepy and weird, but it is actually adorable and had me immediately hooked in the story. The rest of the book then follows Tom trying to get Cassandra to marry him, and realising it’s not as easy as he would expect.

The two main characters are complete opposites. Cassandra is kind and caring, and her main priority in life is to have a loving family of her own. Tom is a ruthless railway magnate who only allows himself five feelings as he finds all other feelings unnecessary. I loved them both so much. Cassandra was true to herself throughout the book, and Tom was hilariously to the point without being a typical overbearing alpha male. Even though they are such opposites, the relationship between them was so authentic and well developed. I was so invested and desperate for them to get together.

There was a lot of humour throughout the book too, mainly in Tom’s lack of social skills. I loved the interactions between him and Bazzle, an orphan he hires to clean his office. I also really liked the appearances of the other Ravenels and how they were all so protective of Cassandra whilst also respecting her wishes.

I’m normally a very quick reader and can finish a book in a couple of hours, but forced myself to try to slow down with this so that I could fully take it in and enjoy it. It was such a pleasure to read, and it was difficult not to fly through it as I was desperate to find out what would happen.

I would highly recommend this to everyone and can tell that it is going to be one of those books that I will be reading on repeat.

Have you read any Lisa Kleypas books, and if so, what was your favourite? Let me know!




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