The Scoundrel’s Honor (Sinful Brides #2) by Christi Caldwell | Review

Image result for the scoundrels honorThe Scoundrel’s Honor is the sequel to The Rogue’s Wager, which I reviewed yesterday. Even though I didn’t enjoy the first book that much, I still wanted to read book two, A) because Ryker was an interesting character in the first, and B) I’m nosey and hate not knowing how things end up. Thankfully, I found The Scoundrel’s Honor a much more entertaining read.

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The Rogue’s Wager (Sinful Brides #1) by Christi Caldwell | Review

Image result for the rogues wagerAs the sister of London’s most notorious gambling hall owner, Helena Banbury leads a surprisingly sheltered life. She spends her days bookkeeping for her brother, then stays locked away in the private quarters of the club at night. Her life is completely boring, until one night the Marquess of Westfield, Lord Robert Dennington, drunkenly wanders into her bedroom. His actions change everything, forcing Helena to leave the safety of the gambling hall, and move into the glamorous London society. Although Helena has always felt out of place in the gambling hall, she definitely doesn’t fit in with the members of high society. The only time she truly feels like she can be herself is when she’s with Robert…

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New Library Books! | Chat

After months of not being able to use my library card, I finally got my account fixed and can now use it again! Not being able to use it has been so irritating, and I’ve missed being able to go in and nose around at the latest books. Normally the YA section of my local library is a bit disappointing, but I went in today and managed to find quite a few books that sounded interesting. As you can see, I got a bit carried away. Which book do you think I should get started with? I’ve included the Goodreads descriptions below, let me know what you think!

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What I Want From the Final Episode of Reign | Favourites

Related imageTonight the final ever episode of Reign will air in America (as I live in Scotland I won’t see it until Saturday), which I’m very upset about. Although this final season hasn’t been the best, Reign is still one of my all time favourite TV shows. I’ve spoken before about my love for it, and I still believe that it’s such an underrated show that deserved way more attention. There’s a lot still to be wrapped up before tonight’s finale, so I thought I’d do a post about some of the things I hope are included:

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Virtuous Scoundrel (Regency Romp #2) by Maggie Fenton | Review

Image result for virtuous scoundrelTo start the review I thought I’d give you a sample of some of the chapter titles from this book:

  • “In Which the Dowager Marchioness Absolutely, Positively, and Categorically Does Not Pine Over a Scoundrel”
  • “In Which Montford Betrays a Friend’s Confidence to His Wife, Who Betrays Her Husband’s Confidence to a Friend, Who Does Not Take the News Well at All”
  • “In Which Our Hero Licks His Wounds, with the Help of Our Heroine”
  • “In Which the Bad French Melodrama Rears Its Ugly Head Yet Again, for Which the Author Apologizes in Advance” (my personal favourite)

The chapter titles alone deserve 5 stars. I will obviously always love any book that involves a marchioness pining over a scoundrel and bad French melodrama.

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The Duke’s Holiday (Regency Romp #1) by Maggie Fenton | Review

Image result for the duke's holiday maggie fenton

Is there anything better than reading an amazing book for free?! The Duke’s Holiday is currently available for free to Amazon Prime or Kindle Unlimited users, and so are the other two books in the series (reviews to come). I’m normally quite wary of the books that are available for free download as I’ve had some bad experiences before with them, so I try not to go into a free book with high expectations. As I talk about constantly, I love Regency era romance, so I couldn’t help but be a bit excited to read The Duke’s Holiday. Thankfully, it totally exceeded my expectations, and I’ve actually given it four stars on Goodreads! The Duke’s Holiday is a funny, romantic read with a whole host of interesting characters.

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