The Midnight Star by Marie Lu | Review

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I finished The Midnight Star, the final book in the Young Elites trilogy, a few weeks ago but I didn’t get the chance to write up my review of it, so apologies for the delay! As you know, if you read my reviews of the first two books in the series, I loved them and had high expectations for the final book. Thankfully, The Midnight Star managed to completely exceed my expectations! I absolutely loved it. It was such a great ending to a brilliant series – the ending actually made me cry!

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The Rose Society by Marie Lu | Review

Image result for the rose societySequels are always risky, but especially in YA. There have been so many promising starts to series that just completely fizzle out after a disappointing follow-up book. I’m happy to report that The Rose Society exceeded my expectations, and I actually enjoyed it more than The Young Elites. The plot was more exciting, the world building more impressive, and the characters somehow managed to get even more complex!

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YA Book Subscription Boxes | Recomendations Please!

Help! Can anyone recommend an affordable YA book subscription box? Ideally, I’d like a box that includes books and some other fun little bookish items. A really cool one I saw was on UpperCase Box, but unfortunately, they don’t ship out with the US and Canada 😦

I didn’t even know these were a thing until I saw one on Instagram an hour ago, but I’ve now become completely obsessed with the idea of getting my hands on one! Annoyingly, most of the ones that I’m finding are either really expensive or they don’t ship to the UK. Please let me know if you have any idea where I could find a great option!



Book Bloggers on Instagram 

Hey guys, I’ve just created an instagram account for my blog where I’ll post book related pics (pretty covers, quotes, etc). You can find me as @whatemmasreading . 

I’m currently looking for bookish accounts to follow, so please comment with your username or follow me on @whatemmasreading and I’ll follow you back. I’d also love some recommendations of other accounts to follow! 

See you over on instagram😘 

The Young Elites by Marie Lu | Review

Image result for the young elitesThe Young Elites is one of those books I’ve always seen everyone raving about on Goodreads, but never got round to reading myself. I’m always quite wary when starting a YA series that has a lot of hype behind it, as the majority of the time I end up disappointed. However, when I spotted the trilogy on sale I decided to bite the bullet and see what all the fuss is about.

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I Did It!

After four years of non-stop hard work and stress, I finally graduated yesterday with first-class honours! I had such a lovely day celebrating with my family and uni friends, and feel really proud of what I’ve achieved. I’m even prouder that I managed not to fall over on the stage though!